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In Project 3 I would like to show my photos which I am taking on a daily basis driving along in the New England region. Things, places, people.

It is amazing for me how the World changes when you take a random exit from the main highway and drive on the back roads and see what you DON'T usually see.

Old cars, old air crafts, tractors, barns, buildings and how they make together this very unique picture which we may be seeing everyday but we aren't thinking too much about their existence. More photos are coming, especially now during the Autumn it is so colorful outside.....

I will use Snapfish service to print my book. The size will be 8x11.

I think the book will be no longer then 60 pages and no shorter then 30. The photos are still in progress and close to the due date of the project 3 I will choose the best ones for my book.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.