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I would describe myself as a creative person who is searching for what to do when I grow up.   I have no particular obsession, I am not motivated by a particular subject or material.  However I think it would be interesting to explore themes from everyday life, including nature, or our living space, their shape and form - items and spaces we take for granted. I have begun to look at every day objects as if seeing them for the first time. As if wearing a new pair of glasses.

I am inspired by the beauty around me, not just the magnificient area in which I live, but also in the people, places and things we tend to never quite see until we look. I'm inspired by the work of others and am humbled again and again at how creative people can be. 

I process life visually and appreciate good design.  As a self defined perfectionist, I like neat and systematic over random and messy.   For a fairly organized and structured person, my process for discovering and exploring new things is not.  I jump in with two feet at top speed, which either catapults me in the right or the wrong direction—yet either way this puts me somewhere new.

I have been fortunate to explore the more technical side of art—graphic and web design and enjoy these areas quite well. I am comfortable with computers and technology and do my best to keep up with its changes.  New technology makes me curious.  I want to know how things work (I’ve been known to read instruction manuals). When I see something I like, or that I am curious about, I attempt to figure out how it was done. 




My curiosity with technology coupled with my need for things to look good, are a perfect fit for online and print design.  My plan is to keep building my skill set by exploring new mediums and bringing new life to my work.

What I create, what I do from day to day and who I am, is a work in progress—with multiple revisions and changes.


I'm not interested in making a statement or sending a message, just in learning and expanding, always remembering to remain humble and grateful to be able to do so. It is as simple as that.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.